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Appliance Repair Toms River New Jersey

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Toms River Appliance Repair - Servicer Performing Dryer Repair
Toms River Township NJ

Toms River, New Jersey, nestled along the Jersey Shore, offers a blend of coastal charm and suburban allure. Known for its picturesque beaches, vibrant boardwalk, and bustling downtown, it's a haven for outdoor enthusiasts and families alike. The town boasts a rich maritime history, evident in its waterfront attractions and annual events. With a thriving community spirit, diverse culinary scene, and proximity to major cities like New York and Philadelphia, Toms River embodies the perfect blend of seaside relaxation and urban excitement, making it an ideal destination for visitors and a beloved home for residents.

Toms River Neighborhoods

Anthony Mechanical HVAC & Appliance LLC is based out of the Herbertsville section of Brick NJ making us a Toms River Neighbor. We provide Appliance Repair, Air Conditioning Repair & Heating Repair Services to all of the following great Toms River NJ neighborhoods and more.

08753 08754 08755 08756 & 08757 Neighborhoods

Silverton | Twin Oaks | BayShore | Windsor Park | Snug Harbor | Lake Ridge | GreenBriar Woodlands | Saratoga | Oak Ridge Estates | Riverwood Chase | Holiday City at Berkeley | Silver Ridge Park | Holiday City South | Holiday Heights | Oak Knoll | Amtek Land | Anchorage | Audubon | HCW at Berkeley | Holiday City West | Pine Acres Manor | Pine Lake Park | Cattus Island | Cedar Grove East | Church Road | Cox Cro | Cranmoor | Indian Hill | Ridgeway | Whitesville | Ridgewood | Laurel Chase | Silver Bay | Silverwoods | Doctor Driveway | Dover Road | Dover Walk | Downtown | Dugan Lane | Mariners Cover | Meadows | Money Island | Montes | Mulberry Place | Mule Road | Skyview Park | Squire Village | Summit East | Tallymawr | Fairview Drive | Galaxy Manor | Gilford Park | Grande Woodlands | Green Island | North Dover | North Pointe | Oak Glen | Wake Forest Drive |  Walden Woods |  Washington Street | Waters Edge | Windor Park | Windsor Park |  Woodmere 

Washing Machine Repair Toms River NJ

Washer Repair Toms River NJ - Technician servicing washer

At Anthony Mechanical HVAC & Appliance LLC, we specialize in servicing most major brands of appliances. If your washer isn't spinning or if your washing machine is leaking water, we offer quick service and repairs to get your appliances back up and running. We understand the importance of cost-effective repairs, which is why we always help our customers decide whether or not a repair is worth it before performing any work.

Dryer Repair Toms River NJ

Dryer Repair Tomer River NJ - Woman looking ast clothes inside dryer drum

Dryers are typically among the most cost-effective appliances to repair. It could be that your dryer is not drying properly or possibly making weird noises. When you need help with your laundry, trust Anthony Mechanical HVAC & Appliance LLC. to take care of your repair needs. As a leading appliance repair service provider, we pride ourselves on our reliable and affordable services. Our experienced professionals know how to diagnose and repair dryer issues quickly and efficiently. Our goal is to keep your dryer running smoothly for as long as possible.

Wall Oven Repair Toms River NJ

Stove Repair Toms River NJ

Stove Repair Toms River NJ - Picture of the top of a stove with grates

Don't let a malfunctioning oven ruin your day or even a holiday. Our Oven repair service is here to help with any issue you might be having. Whether your oven is not heating up, the burners won't light, or the broiler has stopped working, our experience allows us to quickly diagnose and fix the problem in no time. Schedule an appointment today and get back to cooking your favorite meals!

Refrigerator Repair Toms River - Woman opening refrigeratorNJ

Refrigerator Repair Toms River NJ

Freezer Repair Toms River NJ

Is your refrigerator not cooling? Is it leaking? Don't risk losing your food and money by waiting to have it repaired. We repair & service most major brands and provide up-front quotes so you know exactly what to expect. Don't hesitate to contact us for top-quality refrigerator repair.

Dishwasher Repair Toms River NJ

Dishwasher Repair Toms River NJ - Person unloading dishwasher

Are you experiencing issues with your dishwasher? Look no further than Anthony Mechanical HVAC & Appliance LLC. We can properly diagnose and repair any issue your dishwasher may be having, whether it's a dishwasher not draining, your dishwasher is making loud noises, or you are in need of dishwasher rack repairs. Trust us to provide you with top-notch service at an affordable price.

Brands Serviced


Whirlpool Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Whirlpool Logo
Maytag Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Maytag Logo
Kitchenaid Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Kitchenaid Logo
Amana Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Amana Logo
Jennair Repair Toms River NJ - Jennair Logo
Samsung Repair Toms River NJ - Samsung Logo
LG Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - LG Logo
GE Appliance Repair Toms River NJ
Frigidaire Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Frigidaire Logo
Kenmore Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Kenmore Logo
Magic Chef Appliance Repair Toms River
Electrolux Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Electrolux Logo
Roper Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Roper Logo
Speedqueen Appliance Repair Toms River NJ - Speedqueen Logo

Experience the comfort and efficiency of properly functioning HVAC and Major Appliances with Anthony Mechanical HVAC & Appliance LLC. We are centrally located in Brick NJ to efficiently service Ocean & Monmouth County. A dedicated technician with over 20 years of experience is able to provide home HVAC and appliance repair services, ensuring that your home stays cool and cozy throughout the year. Whether you need furnace repair, air conditioning repair or appliance troubleshooting, we'll handle it with expertise and attention to detail. Our commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond our work, as we offer transparent pricing and prioritize scheduling appointments that fit your convenience. Contact us today to schedule an appointment!

Anthony Mechanical HVAC & Appliance LLC

541 Herbert Lane, Brick NJ 08724

NJ HVAC Master Contractor # 19HC00098900

(732) 840-3500

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Pile of Laundry

Dryer not heating?

Dryer making noise?

This happens to be the two most common service call requests that we receive when customers call to inquire about dryer repair. Most of the time this also happens to be a cost effective repair when compared to the cost of replacement. If your looking for a Brick Township Appliance Service that can provide a speedy diagnosis of your appliance dilemma or would just like to get a little more information first. Call us today!

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