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Call us today if you need an HVAC Contractor to have your  Central Air Furnace or Boiler serviced, Repaired or Installed. Being Located in Brick NJ allows us to quickly service both Ocean & Monmouth County.



Customers often ask whether or not they should have their furnace or boiler serviced and is my answer is always YES! Everything might seem fine but you never know what problem is lurking waiting to reveal itself when the temperature drops below zero degrees. Remember that is when the problem usually becomes obvious. More importantly, there also could be a dangerous situation. The heating system, furnace or boilers and flue vents should always be inspected periodically!

Call us today to have your Central Air Heating or Boiler system serviced in Brick – Wall – Howell – Point Pleasant, Manasquan and Surrounding Ocean & Monmouth County!


There is quite a longevity to the HVAC systems that heat and cool our homes. Now  the old cliche is true, they don’t make ’em like they used too. But they are a lot safer than they were and the energy costs to heat or cool your home have gone down significantly. There are much more controls on a Central Air Heating Furnace or Boiler that prevent some of the tragedies that have happened over the years. Your average lifespan on a Furnace is about 20 years but central air condensers could be a little less say 10 -15 years. More importantly as I tell every customer, PROPER SIZING AND DUCT WORK is everything! The most expensive brand is rendered ineffective when not installed properly. Anthony Mechanical is a proud recognized Rheem products installer that comes backed with a conditional 10 year parts warranty. If you’re planning ahead to replace your system or ran into an emergency, call us today. Our estimate is free.


So the temperature has dropped to 15 degrees and you slowly start to notice that the house temp is not going up and the Heating System or Heater is not going on. You raise the thermostat and a half hour later….nothing. Do not worry! Call us. We promise to always be fair and honest because you and everyone you recommend us too is the lifeblood of our company.



So this category belongs to the homeowners who have forced air heat. Yes it can dry out a home. However, it always depends on the temperature you keep your house. The warmer your home, the dryer it will be during the winter time. You have many options from Bypass Flow Through Humidifiers/Fan Assisted Humidifiers and even Steam Humidifiers. We can help you make a selection based on your comfort and budget. We sell service and install all the major brands of Humidifiers including Honeywell, General, Aprilaire Skuttle and any other brand.

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